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Images & Files On Blogger

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
The reaction to Blogger support in MarsEdit 1.1.5 has been great! Thanks everybody for trying it out so quickly and returning with your feedback.

The most common reaction so far has been that it works great but you can't upload images. I researched this and discovered that, unfortunately, Google does not currently support this for "external editors." I found this post on the Google Developer's group from Pete Hopkins of the Blogger developer team:

In it he replies to the question with the statement:

"Not now. This is a very requested feature, and may appear at some point."

So the best advice I have for MarsEdit users who want to see this support for Blogger, is to get in touch with Google and "vote with your email."

UPDATE: This feedback form was suggested by a Google employee as a good choice:

I think the thing to ask for is "Image uploading support for clients using the Blogger Atom Publishing Protocol."



  • this would be good for me, since I could use blogger to 'store' pictures to use on wordpress.

    I am asking for...
  • Good news is that Google has just announced they are using their Picasa service for Blogger photos, and have opened up an API for blog clients to upload to that service. So I'll be adding support for that to MarsEdit as soon as I can.

  • yeaaa

    If I may be so bold --- what are your plans for major updates

    AND update costs to us --- the users

  • Heh - my plans for major updates are to make them. Many of them. Over the years :)

    I'm getting to work first off on 2.0, which I am thinking will be a small upgrade fee for existing users, but nothing drastic.

    The Blogger image support will hopefully come pre-2.0, though.

  • Image support

    Is there a possiblity that image support will mean you could delete a Wordpress file (or blogger) that you had uploaded a month ago, to make space for the graphic you want to use today
  • In the short term, I don't think so. But in the longer term images may take on more "post-like" characteristics, where they could be updated and/or deleted in the same way as posts can be today.
  • Update: MarsEdit 1.2 supports image uploads for Blogger (via Picasa):
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