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Is MarsEdit Spotlight compatible?

edited July 2010 in MarsEdit
I just downloaded 3.03 and my posts don't show up in Spotlight there a reason???


  • Hi - the posts are not currently indexed under Spotlight. Good idea, though! It is on my TODO list.
  • Please.....I would switch immediately to MarsEdit but I can't do without the Spotlight search capability.
  • Just in case it isn't obvious, MarsEdit does have its own built-in search. It's not quite as fancy as Spotlight, but it can help you zero in on your post contents.
  • I know but that doesn't make up for the lack of a system wide search,not for me at least. Otherwise, great product.
  • Thanks for the feedback! It's great to get real-world ideas of how people want to use the software.
  • Spotlight, indeed. I'd like to have all my blog drafts indexed with Devonthink. This requires a) a folder to index and b) a file type it understands – and in understands alll Spotlightable files.
  • Yes, Spotlight integration, please. Thank you.
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