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Really Stupid Question?

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Sorry, I'm new to MarsEdit.

MarsEdit seems to use a plain text editor with an HTML parser.

So I can see that I can layout my entry and MarsEdit will either add

depending upon the "Encapsulate..." setting for each blog.

However if I want to add custom HTML, a table for example, I cannot layout that table otherwise MarsEdit encapsulates that in HTML tags as well...;-))

So, instead of;

I get;

Which is super-ugly...

Is there any way I can stop this, other than to de-layout HTML prior posting?



  • Have you tried changing filtering in options. What you are seeing seems to be the result of "automatica line converting". So, everytime you press "return" key,
    is added to your source.
  • Sorry. That was "formatting" not "filtering".

    Let me know if you can't find where you should check.
  • Hi takaaki, thanks for your reply.

    I think I found the answer; I was trying to use ME to update a blog hosted in Expression Engine (

    For every field in EE the user can set the behaviour (called Default Text Formatting for This Field) to either i) auto
    , ii) xhtml; or, iii) none.

    I had my fields set to "xhtml"

    When ME uploads an entry ME appears to synchronises with the server-side version of the entry - so that I was seeing was the source ME code + the EE attributes added to it.

    Once I set the EE variable Default Text Formatting for This Field to "none" the behaviour stopped.

    So anyone adding MarsEdit entries to an Expression Engine blog must set "Default Text Formatting for This Field" for the EE field to "none" in order for it to work. Paradoxically I found the solution in ecto, which has a property to control this.

    Best regards, Jules
  • Glad to hear you solved your problem.

    Ya, it's sometimes confusing because both blog software and MarsEdit have text formatting options, and there are many kinds of blog software like WordPress, Expression Enginge, Broxam, Blojsom and so on. But, this confusion may not be avoidable because what MarsEdit is doing something that requires complexity.
  • I agree; what I like the most is how MarsEdit is so Mac-like about answering this complexity. It's really cool - especially how ity handles image uploads; so much easier than the alternatives.

    However ecto has two "pre-processing" options;

    1. Encode HTML entities (strongly recommended if your blog is not UTF-8); and,

    2. Convert line breaks in Rich Text Mode (do not do this if your server does it already)

    Even if ME does not have such a detailed configuration then a note to this effect in the Help system would be helpful...;-))

    However today's review has been enough to convince me to get a license.

    Best regards, Jules
  • julianps said:
    ecto has two "pre-processing" options;

    1. Encode HTML entities (strongly recommended if your blog is not UTF-8); and,
    MarsEdit has "Encode HTML entities" option.

    From "weblogs drawer", right-click the weblog in question to edit settings, and go to "Posting" tab.
    Then, you will see "When sending a post:" checkbox.
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