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Feature request -- printing options

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
I would love to see two more options for printing. One would be to fit the puzzle and all the clues on one page. The other would be to put the puzzle on one page and the clues on the a second page. Then I could read both without my glasses!



  • I agree. Also, sorry I keep bringing up Across Lite, but I would like to add three printing features that it has:

    * Ink-saver settings so I can choose a shade of gray for the black squares. It isn't just saving the ink, and avoiding warping of the ink-soaked paper. I actually think the puzzle *looks* much better with gray squares.

    * The ability to place the grid in any corner. I like to put it in the lower right, so my hand doesn't obscure any of the clues while I am writing. This enables me to look at the next clue while my hand finishes writing.

    * Single-pixel lines. The printed lines are too thick for my taste. Along with the black squares, they make the grid feel heavy.
  • Great - thanks for the ideas both of you. I am collecting "printing wishes" and will take a serious stab at revising the behavior. This will probably be high on the list of things to address in Black Ink 1.1.
  • Oh and Andy - the the Ink Saver type functionality *is* present in Black Ink ... it's just in a kind of funny place.

    -> Page Setup
    -> Choose "Black Ink" from the settings popup

    Unfortunately you have to reset it every time you launch/print... :(
  • Ah, thanks!
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