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How to select several pictures for a single blog?

edited February 2011 in MarsEdit
First of all, whenever I insert a picture, the media manager opens and only let me pick one picture, which shows in the Photo box, then Kind changes from Post to Photo. Secondly, how do I dictate the positioning of the various pictures? I remember the old version of Marsedit let me drag pictures to any place within the text. I am using version 3.1.6 (4088) trail. This is the only software I could find that supports both blogger and tumblr. So looking forward to it working! Thanks!


  • Hi. MarsEdit is limited currently to *selecting* one photo at a time, which can be added to an open post. However, Tumblr is a special case because they unfortunately do not support clients uploading an arbitrary number of photos. On Tumblr, they only allow me to create a "Photo" type post with a single photo as the content. So I have to force the post type to switch to Photo.

    On Blogger you should be able to select multiple photos and attach them to the post.

  • Thank you so much for your speedy response! I found a way to go around my problem: first I write and publish the blog with several pictures onto Blogger; then I "select all" and "paste" the content to a new post in Tumblr and publish it - this seems to work okay. I am very new at using a blogging software, actually blogging in general. Thanks again for your time!
  • Interesting solution! But this is a fine choice as long as you're OK with your content being hosted on multiple services. Essentially your images are being published and hosted on Blogger but referenced on Tumblr. Nice workaround!
  • I have the same "problem" - it's rather annoying when writing a tec review and not being able to insert multiple images at a time... is it planned to make this possible in future versions???
  • Hi macmaniac - I don't generally try to predict when or if particular features will occur. I think this would be a valuable enhancement to the app.
  • Yes I would love to be able to select multiple photos and drag them where I want them, I vote for enhancing the app to do so!
  • I would love to see this feature added. I don't even own marsedit yet (just trying the demo) but since I am a photographer I tend to upload a lot of photos. Some way of selecting multiple photos at once to upload would be a big time saver! For the record.. I am using squarespace. Not sure it makes a dif, but wanted to put that out there.
  • I'd also like the ability to add multiple photos at once and skip the upload utility. By the time I'm ready to write a post, I already have my 15-20 images exported and sharpened at the right size, and don't need the app to resize them.

    Ideally, my workflow would be to drag the whole set of images from a Finder window to the compose window, and then simply move the text cursor between them to add a few sentences here and there.

    Thanks for your consideration.
  • Thanks for the feedback, randot. It is all taken to heart.
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