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Feature Request: Posting with delay

edited February 2011 in MarsEdit
I'd like to be able to "Send to Blog Later. . ." and get a date/time dialog to specify when the blog entry should be posted.

Don't know how useful this would be to others, but I would use it at least once a week: I have a blog the contents of which are almost entirely show notes and playlist for my weekly radio show, Tech News and Blues. I'd prefer that this go out during the show when I'm in the studio rather than the day before, which is what happens now.

Thanks and regards,


  • Hi David - thanks for the suggestion. I have so far resisted adding this feature to MarsEdit because it's generally much better handled by the blog system itself. It's not very obvious, but it's possible with many systems, including WordPress, to "schedule" posts by simply setting the date of the post to the future before sending it to the blog.

    When you're about to publish your post in MarsEdit, select Post -> Edit Date from the menu bar, and set it to the date/time you want it to go live. When you send the post to the blog, it should automatically be treated by the blog as "scheduled" instead of published, because of the future date.

    Let me know how it works for you. You might want to try with a non-sensitive post first to make sure you don't get embarrassed by an early post.

  • Thanks, Daniel. I wasn't aware of that. Seems to work, I get a 404 for viewing the post before the scheduled time :-)

  • The scheduling works well for me, but it'd be even better if it was included in the options panel. And perhaps it might be possible to add something like a default delay in the blog post default settings (for instance, being able to choose +1 hr or +24 hrs delay after sending to blog).
  • Thanks. I'll consider moving the date settings into a more "scheduling" oriented UI.
  • Hey Daniel,

    Is this the same with Tumblr posts, then? Will setting a future date add it to the queue?


    – Pat
  • Hi Pat - unfortunately, no. Tumblr doesn't respect the date setting in the future. It just defaults it to the current date, I believe, if it's in the future. I've asked them to consider interpreting future dates as implying queued status, but so far there hasn't been any such change.
  • Hi Daniel, its great to have this feature for wordpress. I like how you have the quick times eg tommorrow etc....i was wondering how hard it would be to edit these to have say 4 specific times of day as my quick post times.


    10 am tomorrow, 2 pm tomorrow, 6 pm tomorrow 10 pm tomorrow
  • Interesting idea. I am going to consider a future enhancement to allow editing of the "Quick" items. In the mean time I don't have a great solution to recommend.
  • Needed this! Googled this! Found this!

    And it worked!

    10 seconds flat! Thank you Daniel!
  • Glad you found it, Jason!
  • Oh wow that's awesome I never realized that was there!
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