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INstructions On How to Setup MarsEdit?

edited April 2011 in MarsEdit
Having a tough time setting up MarsEdit. Help Menu useless. Hoping someone can give me a hand. Here are my questions
andother details.

-It is a wordpress blog that is hosted on my ISP's server, not wordpress' server
-I have to sign in with username and password


-Why are there two password options? Under the Blog tab at the top there are two options. 1). Enter Password and 2). Enter HTTP Password. The first one I understand but I have no idea what an HTTP password is. Do I need to enter this option?

-Under the Blog>Edit Settings>General Tab. What is an API Endpoint URL and do I need this? What is a blog ID?

-After going through the motions of setting us Marpress as best I can I try to send a post and I get an error stating Blog is not correctly configured. The RPC URL has not been set. Please correct this setting and try again. I have no idea what an RPC URL is. Any suggestions?

I've heard good things about Marsedit but documentation obviously isn't on the positive list.


  • Hi Daniel - sorry MarsEdit is giving you a hard time getting things set up properly. To answer your questions:

    1. You probably don't need to enter an HTTP password. This is for advanced configurations where users have put their entire blog behind an additional level of security.

    2. The API Endpoint URL and Blog ID are normally set up automatically by MarsEdit when you enter the home page URL for your blog. If these were not set up automatically it means that MarsEdit was not able to determine the details from your blog. For WordPress this usually means the theme you are using on your blog has somehow disabled the feature in WordPress that exposes the settings information to clients such as MarsEdit.

    There is definitely a lot of room for improvement with documentation in MarsEdit. But the particular details you are curious about are covered in some detail if you look under the section for "Getting Started", and then click the link for "Manual Configuration" near the top, where it explains what to do if the auto-detection of settings doesn't work. You will find some advice in this section for how to set the API Endpoint URL and the blog ID for WordPress blogs.

    Let me know if the documentation doesn't explain it clearly enough. I'll be happy to give more specific advice here.

  • Hi!

    On my Mac that's also the case, that MarsEdit is not able to determine the details from my blog. Is there a way of handling that without changing the WP theme? I'd like to try MarsEdit but somehow it's not working.

  • Hi Ronny - if you can figure out or guess the "API Endpoint URL", You should be able to configure WordPress manually. For most WordPress blogs the URL is just the URL of your blog with /xmlrpc.php tacked on. So e.g. if your blog site is then it would be

    1. Select the blog in MarsEdit, then select Blog -> Edit Settings… from the menu bar.
    2. Click the "General" tab and make sure the settings match these:

    System Name: WordPress
    System API: WordPress API
    API Endpoint URL: [Whatever your API Endpoint URL is]
    Blog ID: 1

    I believe if you make these settings changes, click OK, and then "Refresh" the blog then it will work as expected. Let me know how this goes!

  • Not sure if there is a more current thread, but I just purchased this on the app store (2/7/14) and it won't take my password. I do have the double verification set up where I usually get a text message code when I log in. Is this a problem for Marsedit? Do I need to specifically authorize Marsedit? how do I do this? Thanks Matt
  • I figured it out, wordpress is requiring an application specific password
  • Hi Matt - sorry for the delay in following up here. If you ever need more immediate assistance don't hesitate to email Thanks for purchasing MarsEdit.

    I'm glad you figured out that it's the application-specific password thing. Yeah, since WordPress added 2-factor authentication this has been tripping some folks up. Let me know if you run into any other issues!

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