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Washington Sunday Post Puzzle

edited April 2007 in Black Ink
When I use the puzzle chooser to get the Washington Post Sunday, it downloads and then says the document could not be opened. When I go to the Puzzle Pointer site, the same puzzle downloads as "csserve.cgi" Is there a trick to this puzzle? Are others able to download it successfully?


  • Hi Vicky - probably what happened is either you had one bad download and it got "stuck" or else the URL in your setting is wrong (maybe from an old MacXword setting?). The current Washington Post Sunday URL (with % codes) should be:

    If this URL is correct in your puzzle sources settings, then you might need to delete the "bad" puzzle to get Black Ink to stop complaining about it. Go into this folder:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> Black Ink -> Puzzles -> Washington Post Sunday

    (or whatever your configured download folder is)

    And delete the puzzle with the latest date - the one Black Ink is presumably complaining about. Then try to redownload the puzzle.

    Let us know how this goes!

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