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FastScripts' invoke command

edited July 2011 in FastScripts
Hi everyone,

is it possible to use FastScripts' invoke command in combination with a file path?

I am thinking of something more or less like this (which of course does not work):

tell app "FastScripts"
invoke script item file "Mac:myName:....:someScript.scpt"

I have pretty much understood the basic idea of the invoke command by reading this post:

But it seems like quite a detour and I would like to be able to point directly to the scpt file.

Thanks in advance


I have an AppleScript applet that responds to a url scheme and then launches a series of other scripts.
My first approach using "run script" turned out to be way to slow. The second approach via "do shell script" and "osascript" is running faster but it still does not perform as well as FastScripts. So I would love to see FastScripts handle the tasks... :)


  • Hi Luke - this is not currently possible. As a workaround, could you put an alias to the script somewhere inside FastScripts's script tree, so you can reference it as a FastScripts script item?
  • Hi Daniel,

    thanks for your answer. I will go with the workaround you proposed.

    Keep up the great work.

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