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Incorrect letters in checked squares

edited September 2011 in Black Ink
Is there any way to avoid automatically rechecking letters in squares that have already been checked? If I check letters and replace incorrect ones, Black Ink automatically checks those incorrect squares as I type. It would be better not to know if what I re-type is correct, making it more like solving a puzzle on paper. Otherwise, it makes it too easy (and tempting) to just try every letter in the alphabet until one sticks.


  • Hi - sorry, there isn't currently a way to avoid this, short of avoiding checking at all until you're sure you want "help" with a particular square. As soon as you check a square once, Black Ink assumes you'd like confirmation if you do get it right.

    I can see how you would want to be able to check it just once and still otherwise maintain suspension of knowledge of whether it's correct or not until you explicitly check it again. I'll consider this as a future enhancement.
  • edited July 2012
    Oops, just posted a duplicate request for this. Consider this a +1. Another way to do this would be to just have a menu item that would turn *all* checking back off for the whole puzzle.
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