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importing iphoto comments

edited December 2011 in MarsEdit
With the lovely new media manager having an image-with-caption option, can I create a preset or use Applescript to insert the photo Comment (from iPhoto) into the placeholder (Alt text?) for the image?


  • Hi lobsterman - unfortunately the Alt Text is not scriptable. I will try to beef up AppleScript support in the app when I get a chance.
  • Daniel,

    So in the Edit dropdown which permits you to "Insert Placeholder" the Item Comment couldn't be added then?

    Many thanks,
  • No, unfortunately those placeholders are currently hardcoded to only the items that are listed there. Or are you asking if I could add that in the future? Yes, I suppose that is possible if MarsEdit is able to obtain the comment. I'll consider that.
  • Daniel,

    Yes, if you could add the iPhoto Comment field to that dropdown it would be a real plus for me (and hopefully for others as well ! ). Thanks for the update.
  • Daniel,

    I guess this item hasn't made it far enough up the list to get a look then? Keep up the good work!
  • Not yet, sorry. I haven't gotten a chance to go deeper into this.
  • Any chance we might see this? If not, then I'm going to have to go to work on Applescript to see what I can do. Any hints along that line would be most appreciated.
  • Sorry I don't have any progress to report on this front. I don't think you can count on seeing this implemented in the very near future, though it's still on my (long) list of things to consider.

    I'm not sure from the AppleScript front how it could be aided. I guess the first thing would be to look at iPhoto's scriptability to see if you can access the photo comment information from there.
  • edited November 2012
    I can easily get the comment/description out of an iPhoto image so now I need to work on getting it into the caption field in the image markup.

    I'm just starting to get acquainted with the AS distionary of ME.....
  • I'm afraid the scripting support in MarsEdit hasn't been very diligently updated over the years, either. There isn't any scripting support for the media insertion process, but you might be able to script the changes after the markup has been inserted into the post.
  • OK, I've had some fun fooling around with AS and now have:

    An AS which takes a selected image in iPhoto, exports it and acquires all its meta-data (it will actually write added items to the EXIF of the image), and then tells ME to make a new post. I can write the iPhoto comment/description to the alt entry in the post to use as a caption. I can even tell ME to find the exported image from iPhoto on my computer, but here it gets twisty.

    ME creates an src link like this for an image which is inserted from the ME Media button:
    I can write a src link that looks like this:
    but ME doesn't seem to like that.

    Question is this: is there another format I can use that ME will recognize to locate and upload the image?
  • Unfortunately, no at this point MarsEdit doesn't have any recognition of formats other than a URL already published to the web, or one that it created the "magic" pending-style URL that you discovered. Sorry, I know this is an uphill battle and MarsEdit just doesn't have a lot of conveniences for this kind of thing at the moment.
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