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Images and a private blog on

edited December 2011 in MarsEdit
I'm testing MarsEdit (3.4.1 trial from the website) with a private (password-protected for reading) blog on MarsEdit does not show images in blog posts - both pre-existing posts and those created with it - showing a broken link/missing image placeholder with a question mark instead. At the same time it correctly uploads images when creating new posts - the images can be seen on the website, but not in ME itself. The images posted to a public (world-readable) blog are seen just fine. Probably, ME does not provide website registration info when trying to retrieve the images for a private blog? (It must have this info, since it is able to download and upload posts.)



  • Thanks, this is an interesting problem. MarsEdit doesn't "browse the web" at all when connecting to your blog, it just goes through a small web connection called the "API" that WordPress provides for reading and writing post content. It unfortunately doesn't provide access to the images you have uploaded.

    I'm going to look into this some more. The way this works on some systems is when you log in via the API, it gives you a "cookie" that then makes the other loads work. Maybe WordPress is doing this, and I'm not handling it right, or maybe I need to get in touch with WordPress and recommend that they start doing this.

  • I did some research and discovered that essentially this is caused because logging in via the "API" to edit posts doesn't give the client the same credentials as logging in via the WordPress admin panel. I could potentially fake a log-in to get the same credentials, but I am afraid that would be counter the security protections of using an API instead of the full login.

    I'm currently writing to a mailing list comprised of WordPress employeess and other 3rd party developers, asking for opinions about how this might be solved in the future.

  • Hi,any updates on this issue?
  • Hi - the feedback I got was essentially that one would have to fake a log in via the web to get the required credentials. I'm not satisfied with this as a solution so unfortunately I don't have a workaround to offer at this point. I am hoping in the future they will offer a way to authenticate properly through the API to access private images.
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