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Markdown crib sheet

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
Just started evaluating MarsEdit, and so far I'm loving it.

A simple popup window with a Markdown format synopsis would be very handy for those of us who haven't internalized the format yet. The way Basecamp does it, providing a short and a long version, would be nice. Perhaps you could also embed an URL to the Markdown Dingus.

Willis Morse


  • Interesting idea - I'd have to figure out how to do it in a way that wasn't intrusive for people who aren't using Markdown. Any suggestions?
  • Maybe a "Formatting Hints" drawer that gets filled with appropriate hints based on what format you're currently using. Textile needs this even more than Markdown :-)

    - Willis Morse
  • I'll think about it - the drawer might have to come out of the preview window instead of the main window, because that's the only place you currently select a particular formatter.
  • Maybe the preview panel could have a "Formatting Hints" button that pops up a small window with the appropriate hints. The important thing is to have the hints visually close to the editing window, for workflow efficiency.

    - Will
  • Thanks Will - that sounds like a good idea. I'll definitely consider that!
  • great, thanks
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