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True Markdown Support

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel :)

I was checking out ME for its Markdown support, and while I see it in the preview window, I can't see where I can set a post I am editing as Markdown.

Why do I want this? So command-b will put in **|** (| is cursor) etc etc.

How do I do this?


  • Also, when editing with textmate (command-j) ME exports a .html file, and textmate sees that and edits as HTML, not markdown.

    It would be nice if the file was set up properly for Markdown editing.
  • Hmm - good point about the ".html" file type. It looks like this is probably something I should add a preference for, along with the external editor. Since there's no particular way for MarsEdit to know now what the "format" of your edited text is, so it just assumes it's HTML. I can see how this would be problematic in editors like TextMate and BBEdit, where the features are file-type sensitive.

    As or the Markdown "true support" in the editor, for the moment you have to simply define your own custom tags (see the custom tags popup in the document editor toolbar). I'm doing some major renovation to the "markup" shortcuts for ME 2.0, and I hope to be able to offer a simple switch to configure a particular blog as using either HTML, Markdown, or a custom user set of markup tags.
  • ok, that sounds like what I thought :)

    As for the file type, TextMate current recognizes:

    fileTypes = ( 'markdown', 'mdown', 'markdn', 'md' );

    so yeah, being able to supply the extension would probably work!
  • P.S. I prefer .markdown
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