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WordPress Security and MarsEdit: adding server password to wp-admin

edited April 2012 in MarsEdit

I would like to add an .htaccess file to the wp-admin folder of my installation in order to protect the login process with an additional password (server side). I was wondering though if MarsEdit –which I love to use– would still be able to upload post to my WordPress blog.




  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Parneix - it should work perfectly if you use HTTP basic authentication. MarsEdit supports the notion of separately authorizing WordPress the blog itself, and authorizing for HTTP basic auth.
  • Great! I’ll give it a try and report back here.

    Thank you Daniel,

  • I’ve finally implemented this second layer of security and I must say it works like a charm. Absolutely fantastic. As a way of giving back, I’ve just a short tutorial for an issue I had recently. I found a solution and thought I could share it.

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