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LiveJournal auto detection

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
The LiveJournal login detection is greatly improved in the 1.1.8 version (BTW, the "What's New" page in the help file is out of date), but it still ask for the login name after it is given the journal URL. AFAIK, the subdomain is always the login name, except for the _ - conversion due to domain name rules.

ie, if the URL is then the login name is rickybuchanan - am I wrong? I often am :)



  • I think you're right. And if not, it would be a safe bet to prepopulate the login name with it as a best guess. Actually I've been meaning to do this and should have taken the chance when I improved the LJ auto-detect :)

    And thanks - I forgot about the What's New page. D'oh!

  • I can't help it - I'm a doc writer at heart *grin*

    Question: My current demo is about to expire, but until I can post more usefully with MarsEdit (community posts, different user pics, and tags on LJ are minimum for me) I am reluctant to buy a copy. Will I be able to evaluate new versions? I had a clean re-install because of hardware trouble just before this one came out, so the question didn't come up.

  • I'm planning a strategy that will allow for reevaluations. If you run up against wanting to evaluate again with the existing version, then drop me a line and we'll figure something out.
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