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Just purchased-features

edited May 2012 in MarsEdit
Hi, I just purchased MarsEdit, and I'm kind of surprised by a couple of things.

1) The inability to edit or size an image within the edit page. Ya, I see that you can resize the image within the Media Manager window. But I can see having to go back and forth trying different sizes till I get the image the size I want. I figured I'd be able to right click on the image in the Post window and do a resize there. Would also be nice if I could do some basic editing like crop.

2) The inability to Wrap text around a image. That you can only place an image in line with the text, but not have the text wrap around the image was kind of disappointing.

3) Also with images, no ability to upload a thumbnail and have it display a larger image when you click on it. I do a far amount of technical blogs with screenshot, and really need to have the ability for the reader to click on the image in the post and see the image larger.

4) In the Post section, I know that can't be total "what you see, is what you get", but it would be nice if you could at least set the width so it's the same as what your blog is.

Overall, after all the buzz that I read about MarsEdit on line, I has to say that I'm really disappointed in the features that it's lacking. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up using MarsEdit to "rough out" my posts, and then have to go to SquareSpaces online, web-based tools to get my post to look how I want them to look.

I honestly was expecting more.

As I said, I just purchased MarsEdit within the past couple of days, so hopefully, some of this is just operator error, or my inability to find things in the menus. I hope so.



  • Hi jamiebd - thanks for purchasing. Please rest assured that if MarsEdit turns out to not be the tool you thought it was, I will be happy to refund your money, or if you purchased through the Mac App Store, to advise you about seeking a refund there.

    1. Unfortunately what you've discovered is indeed a limitation in MarsEdit. I can definitely see the appeal and power of being able to edit the images inline right in the post, and it's something I hope to offer some day. In the short term though, I can't make any promises on this front.

    2. The way that text wraps around an image will be dependent on the corresponding HTML markup that the image is wrapped up in, and whether or not it's in its own Paragraph. For example MarsEdit comes with 3 built-in "Styles" for inserting images as either left, right, or center-aligned. You can actually add your own custom styles if you have any HTML experience, to achieve the specific kind of HTML markup around your images every time you enter them.

    3. The lack of a thumbnail/gallery feature is also a shortcoming of MarsEdit.

    4. The post editor aims to be fairly abstracted from how the blog will actually look. It's intended to be a comfortable environment to write as you would in a Mail or Word Processing app. The Preview window is where MarsEdit aims to facilitate seeing how things will look e.g. with regard to page placement, fonts, and things such as column width. Although it's a bit of work to get the preview window "template" set up to match your blog, once it's set up it is pretty useful for things like this:

    I am really sorry that MarsEdit hasn't met your expectations. I wonder if you purchased via the Mac App Store? In the past I did more of my sales directly so customers were more likely to discover and download the free trial before deciding whether to buy. There are some use cases that are better suited for MarsEdit than others.

    In any case as I said I would like to see you refunded if the app doesn't work out for you.

  • I, too, am a little disappointed. I was looking for a solution to font size and line spacing issues I have on Blogger. At least so far, MarsEdit isn't producing the kind of results I had hoped for.

  • GeneJ: can you be more specific? Exactly what kind of spacing were you hoping to achieve, and how is MarsEdit falling short achieving that? If you'd rather contact me with more information by email I will follow up with you until we reach a resolution or make sure you get a refund.
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