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Removing Old Published Media?

edited July 2012 in MarsEdit
Let me explain, I've been using MarsEdit for the past 8 months for a blogger blog I had on my own domain. I've now switched from Blogger to Wordpress but the domain name remains the same. When I switched, all I had to do in MarsEdit was to re-fetch my blog information and it correctly switched over the settings for me. Therefore, although the same account, Blogger settings have been completely written over by Wordpress settings (which was what I wanted).

I now need to edit some of my posts and move across my photos so they're not on Blogger's server. I've started uploading the photos already to my Wordpress media area and I intended on using MarsEdit ,for ease of use refreshing, to edit my posts with the Wordpress images rather than Blogger image links.

However, when in MarsEdit when viewing media that is already published under the correct account, it doesn't show me the Wordpress uploaded content but only Bloggers photos I've uploaded in the past. Is there any way to remove this content from still showing? Obviously, I'd prefer it to show the Wordpress content now instead.

I've tried refreshing and quitting, etc but it still shows it.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Lisa - I am sorry for the late response here in the forums. I believe you ended up getting in touch by email and we sorted this out, but just for the benefit of others reading: you have to manually remove any items in the "Published" section of the Media Manager. If you select them and click "Remove…" from the bottom-left corner of the window, it will prompt to confirm.
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