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Formatting of images

edited August 2012 in MarsEdit
I'm coming from Windows LiveWriter, and really want MarsEdit to be my Wordpress blogging platform on my Mac - it's the best I've found out there. However, the single biggest feature I miss from LiveWriter is the image formatting.

In LiveWriter, I bring in an image (say 1200 pixels wide) and tell LiveWriter to format it 600 pixels wide. Perhaps I may even add something like a drop shadow or other border effect. Then, the full res image is uploaded, but displayed in my blog post at the reformatted size. When a visitor to the blog clicks the image, it opens into the full size view (default is to view as a page, but I have my blog configured to use slim box).

With Marsedit, if I tell it 600 pixels in Media manager, that's all I get, no interactive larger view. If I tell it 1200 pixels, I get a 1200 pixel wide image in my post that bleeds over into the sidebars.

Am I doing it wrong? At this point, all I can do is set it to upload at 1200 pixels, then go to my Wordpress blog and edit the post online to resize the image and insert the handling code to open the image on click... it would almost be easier to write the post directly in Wordpress...

I look forward to being shown the "right" way :-) Thanks in advance...



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    Hi - thanks for taking a look at MarsEdit. As you've discovered, image management is one area where MarsEdit simply falls short compared to what you are used to in WLW.

    Unfortunately when it comes to images in MarsEdit, for the time being, you're stuck picking a specific size you want the image to be, and inserting/uploading at that single size.

    I realize this is a major disappointment, especially when you're used to a tool that offers a more robust solution. It's something I'd like to address in the future but can't estimate a specific timeline.

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    You can accomplish what you're trying to do with MarsEdit.

    First of all, make sure all the "effects" you want for your images are in your Wordpress theme CSS file. So borders, shadows, Slimbox, etc.

    Then use MarsEdit's "Customize Style Macro" to add the code you need.

    Here's an example I use (I used brackets so the forum software wouldn't create an actual image link):

    (a href='#fileurl#' rel="lightbox">(img src="#fileurl#" alt="#alttext#" title="#displayname#" /)

    Where (rel="lightbox") calls the lightbox effect. You can also use CSS classes.

    I upload the full size image and use CSS for the thumbnail.

    I optimize all the my images, so the extra bandwidth is minimal.

    It would be nice if MarsEdit allowed you to upload two versions of an image.

    You can also add this to your CSS to make sure all your images fit on the page:

    img {max-width:100%}

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    Thanks for the detailed instructions, JustinLuey! This does look like a reasonable workaround but the absence of two image sizes is annoying indeed.
  • Daniel, thanks very much for your response, and candor. I hope that this is something you are able to work in for a future enhancement, as (for me) that is the only detractor in what is otherwise the best blogging tool I've encountered for OS X.

    JustinLuey, thanks very much for your suggestions and instructions. I will try this - if I'm understanding you correctly (I've not used the Customize Style Macro feature yet) then I would need to only add the code as part of a macro and can then apply it in the future easily? This would be acceptable for now.

    Thanks again, and I'll give it a try!

  • OK, I've given it a try - I think I'm headed in the right direction, but I can't quite seem to tie things together.

    I was able to create a custom macro that inserts the html markup as JustinLuey shows above - literally, except with angle brackets rather than parentheses. Now, how do I use it? Do I insert an image normally and then use the macro to customize it somehow?

    The best I can do is to get the macro to insert verbatim into the post. The #placeholder# items in JustinLuey's post don't seem to do anything. And, the markup from the macro is simply inserted (i.e. it doesn't modify the existing img element, should it?)

    Thanks again for any help or insight you can offer!

  • It sounds like maybe you created a custom "Formatting Macro" in the Format menu? The slight nuance here is you want to create a macro very similar to that but in the "Style" menu for the Media Manager. This is what would cause the formatting HTML to be inserted every time you insert an image. If you have the formatting macros defined in a Format menu item, it won't have any use in trying to manipulate an existing media item in your post.

    From the Media Manager, select "Customize" from the bottom of the "Style" popup. Let me know if that gets you further along the right track.

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