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Insert Bulleted List Works Only For the First Line?

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
I've written a list then selected it and clicked "Insert Bulleted List" and find a bullet in front of only the first line, the code looks like this:

  • Notes, Notebooks, Sync, and Accounts

    Using white space, bold and italic sub-heads

    How to create numbered and unnumbered lists and tables

    How to create links and drag in images

    Sync with your smart phone or tablet

I've also tried creating a first bulleted item and then "return" before writing the second, but no go.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Thanks for any tips!

Bruce Spear


  • Sorry, the formatting was read as formatting, how's this:

  • Hi Bruce … when you say you've written a list and then selected it all, do you mean you've written just a free-form list by writing e.g. "text", return, "text", return, etc? What this is doing is creating several paragraphs. In the rich editor whenever you press return it starts a new paragraph.

    I don't think MarsEdit has a feature that would reliably convert a series of paragraphs into list items. You probably need to take care to make sure you start a new list before you start typing out the individual list items. Sorry, I can see how you would expect the behavior you're describing to work more intuitively.

    However, the part where you say you've tried "creating a first bulleted item and then "return" before writing the second" should work. What happens exactly when you try this? it should present a new bullet with blank content when you press return at the end of a list item.
  • Thanks VERY much Daniel for your thoughtful reply!

    Your explanation confirms my experience.

    a) If I first select "Insert Bulleted List" and enter items with a return, Mars Edit does indeed created a bulleted list correctly: with every return a new bulleted line is created and the cursor awaits my text. That's just fine, the app works great!

    b) If I create three paragraphs and then try to apply "Insert Bulleted List" I get only one bullet instead of three, like this:


    and then apply "Insert Bulleted List" I get


    meaning, only one bullet on the first line

    So, Mars Edit is working as you describe and my problem is that I was expecting it to behave as some of my other applications do: I have only to accept this (minor) limitation, no problem. We can close this thread.

    MANY thanks!

    Bruce Spear
  • Thanks, Bruce. I think that it would make sense and probably be more intuitive if MarsEdit also made all paragraphs into their own bullets in the transition as you described, so I am going to add a feature request to my list for that.
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