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Adding photos to a normal Tumblr post

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
Ok, this one caught me off guard! I have a big Tumblr post ready to go. I try to insert a photo into the body of the post and MarsEdit switched the 'kind' over to Photo! I don't want to make a photo post, I just want to make a text post and include a photo! Unfortunately it does not seem that this is possible.

VERY disappointing! Am I missing something? I have found no other way to insert a photo here...


  • I totally agree with you that this is disappointing behavior. Unfortunately this has been a sticking point with Tumblr over the years: they refuse to offer remote clients such as MarsEdit the same ability to upload photos for the body of regular posts, as they offer in the web interface to the site.

    At this point the Tumblr API that is offered to apps like MarsEdit only supports publishing photos if they are part of a "Photo" type post.
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