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Upload drafts to Blogger

edited January 2013 in MarsEdit
Hello, I have a question, which I am not sure how to word in the search. What I'd like to do is to be able to work on a post on my MacBook Pro, upload the draft to Blogger, and continue working on it via my iPad or iPhone via the Blogger app. I have downloaded the trial version of Ecto only to find that this function isn't available. If I can do this in MarsEdit, I will purchase it tonight. Thanks


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi cozy - "drafts" do work with MarsEdit and Blogger. The key is to make sure you set the post status to "Draft" before sending to the blog:

    1. Create a new post in MarsEdit
    2. Click the Options button in the toolbar to open the side panel.
    3. Click the Post Status popup and select Draft.
    4. Send to Blog.

    At this point the other apps of your choice e.g. Blogger for iOS should be able to access and edit the draft.

    In any case I recommend that you download and try MarsEdit's 30 day free trial if you haven't already. You can download it from the MarsEdit home page:

    This should give you a good idea of whether MarsEdit will work as you expect with the drafts workflow and Blogger.

  • Hi Daniel. Thanks for the reply. I downloaded it and found the Post Status section. It works perfectly. I will be making the purchase when the trial expires for sure.

    Thanks again!
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