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New User ... What just happened?!

edited January 2013 in FastScripts
First, Looking through the boards for the answer. I'm impressed with how kindly you treat your users. I'll be purchasing this software if for no other reason than that.

I just installed FastScripts. It looks great -- still getting my head around it. Frankly, I'm blindly following the instructions from this blogger:

My goal is to eliminate the need for mac keyboard function key when using VMWare / Windows / Visual Studio, so instead of pressing function+F5, I just want to hit F5 -- when in VMWARE. I followed his instructions but at some point, fired off the script he references. It works! However, instead of simply working when VMWare is loaded, I now have to press that combination on the Mac side to get any of the default features to work -- i.e., volume, brightness, etc. While this is not a show stopper, this is not quite what I had in mind. I was hoping this would only happen while using VMWare.


(1) What did I do wrong (so I don't do it again) ... and more importantly ...
(2) What can I do to fix this?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly,
Bob Tabor


  • Hi Bob - thanks for the kind words about my approach to taking care of users.

    I think I have a handle on what the script you reference is intended for, and how it's being used by Roy. I wonder if you have an expectation for how it would ideally work that is different from how it does work?

    It sounds to me like you might be hoping that after running the script, it would automatically trigger the script every time you switch to VMWare or out of VMWare, thus arranging for the function keys to be automatically disabled in VMWare, and back to normal when you are just using your Mac.

    Unfortunately that is not a behavior that FastScripts supports. You still have to manually run the script to toggle the function keys, but FastScripts's role here is in tying the running of the script up to a simple hot key that is only enabled in VMWare.

    So for example you could set up the script as a VMWare specific script in FastScripts, and assign it a keyboard shortcut Cmd-F1. Now whenever you are in VMWare and thinking "man, it would be nice if FKeys were disabled," just press Cmd-F1. Then when you're ready to leave VMWare and do some work on your Mac, you would have to press Cmd-F1 again to toggle things back.

    I think some really interesting workflows could come from being able to trigger scripts in FastScripts to run automatically when the current app changes. It's not something that's possible now but I am going to consider this as a possible future feature.

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