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Where does MarsEDIT put the pictures?

edited May 2007 in MarsEdit
I have a number of blogs accessed from MarsEDIT.

One is a Blogger blog. This blog is an FTP blog.

To set the blog up I had to tell MarsEDIT the remote address of the blog ( rather than a blogspot address.

I added an image to a post and left the path: field blank.

MarsEDIT then posted the image file to a completely different server to the blog entry (really, is not even on the same host as

Clearly MarsEDIT is using a default, but where is that default set?

Is it for example, the last entry for which a path: was provided?

Does anyone have any thoughts?



  • Hi Jules - MarsEdit uses whichever blog you've selected in the Images & Files upload window. The "path" value is optional, and really depends on whether the particular blog you're uploading to supports paths.

    Probably what's happening is only the FTP blog is showing up as an image upload destination, because Blogger doesn't currently support image uploads from remote editors.

    I'm adding support for Picasa uploads for Blogger, because this is what they're encouraging remote editors to use as an upload destination. This feature will be in the 1.2 release of MarsEdit which I hope to have ready within the next few weeks.

  • Daniel,

    Oh yes, I see know!

    Even though the blog is an FTP blog and even though the settings point to the FTP location of the blog ME (probably quite reasonably) assumes Blogger will not accept images files so looks for any other location to store them. Now I can see it I can see that it's quite logical.

    Thanks again for the great feedback.

    Brgds, Jules
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