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MarsEdit, Wordpress and Images

edited March 2013 in MarsEdit
I started to use Markdown to format my blog posts. On Wordpress I use Markdown on Save Improved which works nicely for text and links.

There is a little bit overhead when it comes to dealing with Images. Right now these are the steps I have to take:

1) Open Media Manager

2) Open Upload Utility

3) Drag an Image from the Media Manager onto the Upload Utility

4) Adjust the properties and upload the file

5) Go to Wordpress, Media Library and obtain the URL to the image

6) Add it the post

Wouldn't it be possible to provide a way to upload the image right out of the Media Manager (below the Image Properties) and then view the URL of that image from the Published image tab through a right click which past the URL onto the clipboard. This would make it three steps without having to deal with Wordpress.

Cheers - Andy


  • Hi Andy - I think the best solution for this workflow is to take advantage of MarsEdit's custom "Style Macros". From the Media Manager where you can attach to the post, see how you can adjust the properties and select a "Style" for the image? This style is just an arbitrary bit of markup, so you can add a custom one that does the right thing for your images, wrapping them in the suitable Markdown markup. Something like e.g.:


    Take a look at the contents of one of the built in HTML-based ones to get a sense for how you can use the placeholders. In this case #fileurl# is the URL of the uploaded file. You can use this trick for either uploading immediately from the Upload Utility, or uploading right when you post by attaching from the Media Manager.

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