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Preview different from Post - how to reconcile?

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit
My new blog uses Thesis 2.0.

I made a post with some text, followed by an Image (Aligned Left) with three lines of text to its right. At least, that's how it previewed.

When actually posted to my blog, the third line of text ends up (several lines) below the image, aligned against the column left margin - not at all what I wanted or expected.

I assume the problem is a mismatch of column width and fonts between the Preview windows in MarsEdit, and the Thesis blog (default settings, for now).

How can I fix this to Preview what my blog post will actually look like - from within MarsEdit? Thanks.


  • Hi there - have you done anything to the preview template at all, or is it just the basic no-frills default template?

    It is possible to customize the preview window in MarsEdit so that it closely resembles your blog, but it takes a little one-time effort to set up the "preview window template". I wrote a post about this a while back that goes into more details:

    If you go through that process does the preview end up looking a little more like what you see after it is published?

  • I have not touched the preview template. I'll check out your post and report back. Thanks.
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