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Posting error after removing Cloudflare

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel,

Recently changed DNS settings for my blog back to host from Cloudflare.

Marsedit, 'Refreshes' ok but gives an error when Saving to Blog - 'Unknown error'. Strangely, the txt change I made in my content was updated on the live site despite the error msg.

I wonder if this is a blog ID issue?


  • Hi - I don't think this would be a blog ID issue based only DNS settings changing. If you can capture the network log it might help me to pinpoint the problem.

    1. Open MarsEdit
    2. Select Window -> Network Log from the menu bar.
    3. Clear the log if it's not already empty.
    4. Try to send to the blog again from MarsEdit.
    5. Copy the network log contents.

    You might want to email me instead of pasting the log content here in the forums.
  • Oops - I just realized you have emailed me already. Thanks!
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