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Drop cursor obscures insertion point

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit
Very often, my blog posts involve dragging one or more attachments (PDFs, zips, or jpgs) into a post body and it works just fine, but when I do this, the floating icon I'm dragging with me obscures the insertion point, making it difficult to see exactly where I'm going to be dropping it. This is relevant, for example, if I'm trying to drop something between td tags. Something like 30% of the time, I wind up missing by a character and having to go back and fix up the tags around it by hand (I work almost exclusively in HTML mode).

It is only occurring to me now as I type this that I can probably work around this myself by just using a bigger font size in posts (I'm using Menlo 9, my laptop has a small screen), and probably the insertion point and drag graphics are handled more by Mac OS X than by MarsEdit -- but on the off chance that there's an easy way to make the insertion point for a drag more visible even at small font sizes, I for one would much appreciate it!

I guess this is supposed to be a question. So: is this easy to change?


  • Hi Paul - interesting point, I had never realized how troublesome this might be. You are right to assume the behavior you're seeing is just the default as handled by Mac OS X, but it's possible that it's something I could work around to e.g. try to get the graphic to show up below the pointer. I also noticed that e.g. in TextEdit the dragged item shows up as a full preview of the image instead of just the file name. This might make it easier since it shows it as a semi-translucent image.

    I'm adding this to my list of things to look into when I get a chance. Unfortunately it might be a while before that happens.
  • Chiming in (I hope I understand the problem). What if the floating icon was semi-transparent? You could see what you're dragging, but also see the text/insertion point through the icon?
  • Hi - the floating image is already a little transparent (the default image as provided by the system), but it's not so transparent as to make it easy to see through clearly. I'm not sure I have control over the image that gets dragged, it's usually set by the origin of the drag (in this case e.g. from the Finder), but it might be something I can exert some control over.
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