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Getting the most out of MarsEdit

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
Is there a document / ebook that is for more advanced use... something that helps me maximize my use of MarsEdit?

Today, I basically write my post in MarsEdit, but do all formatting and everything in WordPress. I'd like to get to the point where I can do most of the work in MarsEdit - including preview with my own theme. But, I have no idea how to get there.

I'd also like advanced tips that help me understand features I might not be aware of. For example, I saw how Michael Hyatt uses MarsEdit, and wasn't aware I could add the post excerpt in a field at the top of the post. Things like that...

If it's a commercial ebook, I'd be happy to pay for it.




  • Accepted Answer
    Hi David - no, unfortunately, this is an area where MarsEdit could use more work. Documentation, in general, is pretty limited. Mostly it's down to stuff you might find in blog articles in the MarsEdit category of the Red Sweater blog:

    And to threads that have addressed various issues here in the forums.

    Specifically, your question of how to set up the preview in MarsEdit, is covered in a blog post:

    It's still harder than I wish it was, but not too bad if you sit down and follow those steps.

    It's true there are a lot of hidden gems in MarsEdit, like the Excerpt Field option you alluded to. I don't have a great one-stop shop for learning about all these things, but please let me know if I can offer any advice about specific issues you run into or questions you have.

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