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Consolidating Application Script Menus?

edited April 2006 in FastScripts
I just registered Fastscripts, and I was wondering about your opinion of application-specific script menus (e.g., like the one in NetNewsWire), and if it's best to keep scripts in those menus, or if it would be better to move all application-specific scripts to Library application folders so they show up in Fastscripts. What's the general consensus? Thanks.



  • I reckon it depends on each application. For instance, when scripts are stored in Eudora's default script folder, each script can have its own (user defined) button on Eudora's toolbar. There has been talk that NNW will someday offer such integration but it could be years before it actually happens (if it happens at all).

    Welcome to the wonderful world of FastScripts! It's one of my must have utilities and Daniel is a top notch software developer that responds to his customers. :)

    -- Rob
  • Interesting question, Doug. I usually ignore the script menus specific to a particular application, because I'm so used to controlling everything from a single place with FastScripts. However, Rob brings up some interesting points about how some applications might offer special advantages in their apps only to scripts that are stored in that application's particular location.

    I'd have to concur with Rob's analysis that it all depends on the application. But maybe some other users will be able to chime in with their own thoughts.

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