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MarsEdit - Keyboard Shortcuts for often used URL links?

edited September 2013 in MarsEdit
Is it possible to assign shortcuts to regularly used URLs? I'd like to link to the same websites in a number of blog posts and it's a PITA to repeatedly copy & past the same URL into the link drop-down box. For instance I'd like just to be able to type 'cmd-S' to insert the link '' or 'cmd-B' for '' etc.

Thank you!


  • edited September 2013
    Hi Alan - you could use the built in "Formatting Macros" to achieve this. For example, if you wanted to be able to easily insert a link to Apple:

    1. Select Format -> Customize...
    2. Name the macro something like "Apple Link"
    3. Give it a keyboard shortcut e.g. by pressing Ctrl-Cmd-A in the shortcut field.
    4. For the opening markup, use:

    <a href=''>Apple</a>

    5. For the closing markup just leave it blank.

    This is a simple example but you can also use placeholders e.g. to cause a macro like this to wrap around any selected text.
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