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Synchronize scripts menu item

edited October 2013 in FastScripts
What is the purpose of the "Synchronize Scripts" menu item? What scripts are being synchronized?


  • Hi Jim - this menu item will only appear if you have checked the "Disable automatic script folder synchronization" option in FastScripts Preferences. By default it is unchecked.

    In this context synchronization means updating the content of your scripts in FastScripts to match any changes you may have made to the scripts on disk. In particular it only affects AppleScript scripts because by default these scripts are loaded into memory by FastScripts and kept in memory to ensure that they run quickly.

    When you select Synchronize Scripts, MarsEdit scans your scripts folder for any changes to your scripts and reloads scripts that have changed.

    By default with the automatic synchronization, FastScripts scans for changes whenever you click the menu bar icon. Normally on most Macs it is so fast you wouldn't notice it.
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