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Gray Boxes Behind Images

edited March 2014 in MarsEdit
I am demoing MarsEdit, which I just became aware of, and really like what I am seeing so far. I am hoping this is a winning program for me, as it will definitely ease my work load with my multiple blogs. However, I am running into an issue that is bugging me big time. All of the images I am uploading from my computer look fine in edit mode, until I hit publish to my blog, then it throws and ugly gray background behind them! What is going on here? This won't do for our purposes. Any insight?


  • I guess it would help to know this is posting to a Blogger blog.
  • Hi Printergirl - sorry to hear about the problem. I want to make sure I understand the issue: do the gray boxes appear right in MarsEdit, too, or only on the blog after the post is published? It might help to see a screen shot of what it looks like in MarsEdit and/or on the blog after you publish. To take a screen shot you can use the "Grab" utility built in to Mac OS X:

    1. Open Applications > Utilities > Grab
    2. Select Capture > Selection from the menu bar in Grab.
    3. Drag a rectangle over the pertinent area to capture.
    4. Select File > Save to save to your Mac
    5. Drag to an email back to me (

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