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Uploading to Wordpress 3.8.2 Auto-Detect Settings Failed

edited April 2014 in MarsEdit
I updated Wordpress to 3.8.2 and suddenly can no longer upload posts or images. The server is not down I checked it. I am unsure what the problem is, suggestions are welcome. Perhaps the problem is with Wordpress, is there anything I can try in MarsEdit?

Error Message:
"Auto-Detect Settings Failed POSIX error: host is down"


  • edited April 2014
    Hi there - probably this specific issue would be best handled by getting in touch with me via the official email support: It's easier to deal with specific server issues like this where it probably boils down to a plugin conflict or something to do with your host.

    If you can capture the network log it might help me to pinpoint the problem.

    1. Open MarsEdit
    2. Select Window -> Network Log from the menu bar.
    3. Clear the log if it's not already empty.
    4. Try to auto-detect settings on the blog again from MarsEdit.
    5. Copy the network log contents and send them to me.

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