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vspace and hspace?

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit

I wonder if something is awry with my use of vspace and hspace? I needed to add some space around some images, to move the text over, so I used vspace and hspace. MarsEdit shows them beautifully in the Preview but neither Safari [nor Firefox] render the added space. The images are placed like this:


Perhaps I am using the wrong tags? or wordpress is munging things?



  • Both vspace and hspace are deprecated. Check at .

    You may want to learn CSS for layout solution rather than tweaking XHTML tags.
  • edited September 2007
    An excellent suggestion and gratefully received. In truth I just barely have my head around how all of this works–it's elegant for sure.

    I AM having some problems figuring out how to add the margin tag to my entry.img, because no matter what I do nothing happens in the blog; but I posted to the WordPress site
    and I imagine someone will show me where the syntax is incorrect.




    p img {margin: 5px;}

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