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Fetch available images (WordPress)?

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I don't know if this is even possible given WordPress's XML-RPC, but is there a way to get MarsEdit to fetch a catalog of all the images that are currently uploaded on the server? I've been using the WordPress online interface for a month or so, and there's a bunch of images that are already uploaded that I'd love to access from within MarsEdit (since I use them often).

Off topic, I'm greatly enjoying 2.0!


  • Hi George - glad you're enjoying the release!

    You know - I can see how the image Catalog being limited to only new stuff is really limiting for existing blogs. I don't think there's any mechanism to "import" the existing stuff but I will make a point of looking into this. It would be great if there was someway to add already-uploaded stuff.

  • Thanks! Here's hoping there's some applicable XML-RPC hook (although like you I doubt it).

    If there isn't a hook, you might consider having an "import from URL" option where the user enters a URL that MarsEdit could troll through looking for images. Even if I could just drag URLs into the Catalog and have MarsEdit recognize images that were already uploaded to my blog and catalog them appropriately would be nice (if labor-intensive for me).
  • Yeah I think there's a better chance of having some 'import URLs' functionality than fetching directly from the blog's API.

    I will update here when I have a better idea of what is possible.
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