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Universal Features Syndicate

edited September 2007 in Black Ink
I'll buy a copy if you can tell me how to grab these.


  • Hi ash - I haven't figured out how to grab these - do you have a URL where they are distributing PUZ files?

    Usually if there is a pattern to the URL it can be configured in Black Ink.
  • all i can find are flash (i THINK they are flash) puzzles.. :(

    pity local paper is carries just these and the smart puzzle (NYT)
  • edited September 2007
    Also I already apologized to you on IRC but I should do it here too.

    Saying "I'll buy IF" is very poor form, you're not my servant. And as an Indie Software Support guy I should know better. I'm sorry.

    (the Public should note that I Purchased Black Ink roughly 1 minute after posting the first post in this thread)
  • Yeah unfortunately the first step for any puzzle is to confirm it comes in PUZ (Across Lite) format. The alternative is to manually convert them to Across Lite which of course is no fun for anybody.
  • :( I'm still very sad that there is no way to do this puzzle. Isnt this a commonly distributed puzzle?
    surely there most be others wishing they could do this one (why are there no good synonyms for puzzle?)!
  • The common-ness of the puzzle doesn't have much to do with it. There either needs to be a .PUZ format from the distributor, or else somebody needs to take it on themselves to convert the puzzle to .PUZ format and redistribute it (and take the possible legal risks that go along with doing that).
  • Can black Ink be used to author .PUZ files?
    Is there an app you'd recommend to do so?
  • It can't really be used to do it, no. The official technique for authoring .PUZ files is to use a special text format defined by the Across Lite company (Litsoft), and to use their puzzle tool to open that text format puzzle and then resave it as a .PUZ.
  • Is there an app to do so for OSX? maybe a textmate bundle of some such?
  • The Across Lite company has a program for Mac but it's really antiquated - it's one of the motivations for Black Ink. To be honest I don't remember how to find it, but try search for "litsoft across lite mac" or something.
  • yeah this thing runs only on classic, and even so very poorly.

    well crap, thats the end of that then, isnt it.
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