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Tip: make it easy to find and open manuals!

edited September 2007 in FastScripts
A common situation: Application disks often come with manuals that can't be accessed from the help menu of the app. You must manually find the manual and open it. Those manuals, usually pdf, will often just lie there in some folder, and usually we forget that it even exists. Sometimes we even must manually copy the manual from the installation disk, and sometimes we need to download manuals from the vendors site. But where do we put them? How can you remember what manualls you have for the app?

An elegant way is to use FastScripts application specific folders, and put an alias of the pdf document (or several such documents) in the application specific folder. Whenever that app is frontmost, all those manuals will be directly listed in the FastScripts menu!

So whenever you need manuals/user guides etc, just look in the Help menu and in FastScripts menu!



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