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Trouble getting set up

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
Apologies in advance for this being such a mundane support request.

So, i'm just installing MarsEdit, and when i refresh the weblog ive configured to download recent posts, i seem to get stuck in an authentication loop.

I'm assuming i have something configured incorrectly, but i've quadruple checked the blog settings, and i'm not seeing it.

I'm using MT 4.
I'm quite positive im using the proper user/pass.
I've verified the existence of the RPC cgi.
I have the correct Blog ID.

here's a screencast of what i'm talking about:

thanks for any light you can shed!

Your product looks beautiful so far.


  • There is a common problem with MT because they don't make it very obvious but they use a *different* password for "web services" than for the web administration panel.

    You need to locate your "web services password" in your user profile settings in MT. Use that password and everything should work!

  • Those sneaky mt-bastards.

    I've located the web services password, made it my own, and now everything works like a charm.

    Thanks so much.
  • This problem is common enough that I think I'll put in a special warning for MT blogs to advise about this when a password error occurs.
  • Might be a good idea Daniel as I had to come find this post to see WTF was going on. I had been using MarsEdit with Wordpress and am making the move back to MT, so I'm still stumbling around the MT admin panel. Glad I wasn't the only one with this "issue." BTW - MarsEdit 2 is AWESOME!
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