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List / text error & Erratic Image placement

edited September 2007 in MarsEdit
I had something strange happen while making a post yesterday.

While composing a new tutorial post, I normally number the items in a particular order.

What happened was I had started with #1, typed in some text, inserted an image, typed #2, and so on. I could repeat this over and over.

However, it was duplicating the #1. Here is the html and the preview.

Second problem:

Frequently I will place the cursor where I want the image to be inserted, and then from the media manager I will upload and insert. When it does the insert, 50% of the time it puts it at the bottom of the post or at the end of a random sentence.

I am very careful to make sure I focus the cursor where I want the image placed before I do this. This seems to be random, and I can't repeat it on a regular basis.

- j
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