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Leopard problem

edited November 2007 in FastScripts
You say it is Leopard compatible, but on my system (MacBook Pro), all the Apple Folders go to the top before my stuff (but below the current application scripts) rather than at the bottom! No change of settings seem to be able to change that!?



  • Thanks, Harald. I hadn't noticed this because I have the option set to combine the script trees into one section. I will definitely get this sorted out ASAP and get another update released.

  • Harald - if you get a chance can you try this updated version of FastScripts?

    I'll probably release an official update within the next couple days assuming no surprises.

  • hebheb
    edited December 2007
    Jeezes!! so you have had this update ever since Nov 7th!
    Yes, the 3.6b1 turns the menu right again. Good!

    But Daniel, you can't just expect that I check the forums every day!
    Actually, I have checked the main page many times to see if there is an update, and to my disappointment, there has been none!
    Now I checked the forum because I was set to ask "well, what happened to the update?".
    You were probably disappointed that I didn't "show up". Now you know why.

    So, send betas directly to the person how did the bug report, or make a link on the download page for the product.

    While talking updates, I think it would be good with a possibility to check for updates from within the app. That should at least catch the regular non-beta versions. I have lots of programs, and it is not feasible to go to the home page of every piece of software every week. I have come to rely on "check for update".

    With the Best Regards.
  • Hi Harald - I tend to reply to people in the same medium by which they communicate to me. I don't think it's that unreasonable for me to expect somebody who prefers forum communication to check back and see what my reply was? You might find the "Subscribe to this topic" feature of the forums handy in the future, so you can get email notifications when anybody posts a follow-up.

    I'm really sorry you were disappointed with the way I replied, but I can't guess which form of communication will be ideal for every user.

  • As for the slowness of releasing the public release. It's because I noticed a couple other Leopard glitches and want to get those ironed out for the release. I just posted the beta here in case you wanted a "quick fix."
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