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Houston Chronicle

edited December 2007 in Black Ink
The address of the Houston Chronicle daily puzzle has changed. The new URL is


  • Thanks for sharing that, TallGuy. A customer contacted me over the weekend about this and I'm building an updated version of Black Ink to automatically update the URL for everybody.
  • ran update but still unable to d/l Houston Chronicle
  • Hi Pengman - can you look inside your Web Puzzle Sources:

    File -> Open Web Puzzle... -> Edit Web Sources

    Double-click the Houston Chronicle item, and copy/paste the URL that it's set to use into a reply here?

    I'm curious to know if possibly you have an older one even than the one that I updated with this release.

  • This is the link: … %y%m%d.puz
    == randy ==
  • Thanks Randy - I am talking to another user via email who is having a similar problem. When he sees the error, it complains that it can't download from the source (Null). Does this sound familiar? What does the error dialog look like for you when it fails?

  • Randy - the guy I'm chatting with in email had better luck after quitting and relaunching Black Ink. I wonder if you can give that a try and see if that helps at all?

  • I received a "null" message for Houston Chronicle. Quitting and relaunching didn't solve my proble.
    Too bad. I like the wit that goes into that puzzle.

  • This is my replay when I try to get the Houston Chronicle puzzle:
    Unable to download puzzle from "(null)". Please correct the URL and try again.

    == randy ==
  • This sounds very similar to the problem the other guy was seeing. Unfortunately it just stopped somewhat mysteriously for him.

    One idea ... go into your puzzles directory, should be in:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> Black Ink -> Puzzles

    And delete the existing Houston folder if it's there. Then try again?

  • This may seem strange, but I don't have Black Ink in my Library Application support.
    I have a folder on my hard drive for Puzzles with all of them but no Black Ink application support.
    And deleting Houston Chronicle from Puzzles does nothing (another Houston Chronicle folder appears).

    version 1.0.8 (305)

    == randy ==
  • Interesting, Randy. Did you specifically change the puzzles folder from Black Ink, or is that where it put them? If it just put them there, can you tell me where that folder is? Is it on the root of your hard drive?
  • The Puzzles folder is on my "home" directory, along with Documents, Music etc.
    I may not have it in my library, but other than the Chronicle I have no problems opening other puzzles.
    And other than this glitch this is still my favourite 'game'.

    I haven't changed any location or anything. That's where they were placed.
    I -did- have AcrossLite in a Diversions folder, but the Black Ink application itself is in the applications folder.
    Clear as mud? :-)

    == randy ==
  • Oh I think I know what is going on with the Puzzles folder - that was the location for "MacXword" and I think Black Ink inherited it for users who still had MacXword preferences lying around.

    Well I'm sort of at my wit's end about trying to figure out what is causing this problem. If the URL is correct, it's really confounding. One thing you might try doing is copying the URL from the Houston Chronicle item, and paste it into a completely new web puzzle source. Maybe call the new one "New Houston" or something.

    If that works - and actually, even if it doesn't - could you email me your Black Ink preferences file?

    [Home] -> Library -> Preferences ->

    Perhaps I can reproduce the problem if I run with your preferences file!

  • Hope you received those preferences.

    Sent by e-mail.
  • Ta da!
    Houston Chronicle is back.
    Shoulda done this awhile ago... deleted the Black Ink preferences and HC came back to life.
    Regards, and thanks,
    == randy ==
  • Great news! I will look at those preferences you sent me, and see if I can figure out what went wrong.
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