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Another novelty puzzle problem

edited December 2007 in Black Ink
Today's NY Sun puzzle has numbers in two squares. When I finished the puzzle, Black Ink thought I had those two squares wrong. I revealed the answers and it "corrected" those squares to the numbers I'd already filled in. What gives?


  • These puzzle features have just not been used as much over the years, so there are bugs lurking, I guess. At least we are ironing them out slowly but surely thanks to your reports.

    I'll take a look at this one. Thanks for linking right to the puzzle.
  • By the way - can you clarify how you entered the numeric answers? I guess probably by "enter multiple letters"?

    I had another report similar to this, where the numerics are being viewed differently as "multis" because the answer is not technically a multi.

    So I need to fix it to basically treat a single-character "multiple" as just that ... a single character.
  • BTW, I just happened to hit this for the second time tonight. This time it was with the New York Times puzzle from June 27, 2006.
  • Thanks Eric. I just stumbled back upon the original bug report you sent me. Obviously, I gotta figure this one out!
  • Yes, I entered the numbers with the multiple-character-entry feature (control-clicked on the squares). Is there another way to enter non-alphabetic characters?
  • Nope - I don't think so... unless maybe pasting in. I just wanted to make sure we were looking at the same problem.

    Eric and I were chatting about it and decided it might make since to just, in the rare case that you're typing a numeral and the answer actually is that numeral, just accept it. Normally typing numbers in Black Ink makes it jump to another square. But in this case, it seems like it would be pretty unlikely to accidentally happen, and may be worth the sacrifice to make it super-easy to enter numeric answers.
  • The same problem comes up with punctuation, such as the ampersand in today's Boston Globe puzzle.
  • OK - for punctuation (non-numeric) I can probably just alter it to accept those keystrokes. Probably the range of accepted characters should be widened.
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