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Script to increase the volume from Quicktimes Cmd+J window?

edited January 2008 in FastScripts
In Quicktime, if you press Cmd+J,
first you can click the filename, and increase it by 6dB.
Then you seem to be able to also click on the sound-track, and increase it by 6dB.

Is this possible to do, with Applescript (so I can use it with FastScripts), or in other case ANY automatic way?

I want as high volume as possible when I connect it to the TV to avoid backgroundsnoise, and I dont want to use VLC either.
But doing it manually each time gets annoying after a while..

/ Thanks


  • Hi joppe - try this script:

    tell application "QuickTime Player"
    set sound volume of document 1 to 255
    set sound volume of tracks of document 1 to 512
    end tell

    The first one sets the volume slider as you see it in the window. The second one lets you overload the volumes of the tracks themselves.

    Note that you can set the volume to whatever value you want. 512 is technically twice as loud as the "100%" volume of 256. You will see that you can overload it and it will just start to distort the sound. So pick a value that you think is reasonable as "maximized."

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply!
    I noticed that this window didnt change, but this one did. Is it possible to change the other one too?

    Or maybe it doesnt matter? Maybe I get the same results by just changing the 512 to 1024?

    / Thanks
  • To be honest - I don't know, because I don't have QuickTime Pro :) I just noticed that if I set the volume as shown in the script, it definitely affects the playback volume as it sounds coming out of my speakers.
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