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Mighty Mouse scrolling

edited May 2008 in Black Ink
The Apple Mighty Mouse has 2-D scrolling, but Black Ink only responds to the vertical part. If you have a Down word selected, scrolling up and down does what I expect. If you have an Across word selected, scrolling up moves right and scrolling down moves left. Scrolling left or right doesn't do anything, unless you accidentally go a little up or down. It would be nice if I could freely navigate the 2-D puzzle via 2-D scrolling.


  • Good point - I have had bad experiences with Mighty Mouse so I haven't tested as much as I might otherwise. I'll look into what I can do about getting the correct horizontal scrolls though - I agree it would be a nice touch.

  • Same concept applies with horizontal trackpad scrolling. Just noticed this on my nice new MacBook.
  • Cool - that is actually easier for me to test so maybe I'll get to this sooner.
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