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Adding QuicKeys features

edited August 2005 in FastScripts
For those of us who have used QK for a long time, but have since learned AppleScript, we are often just using QK to give us a hot key to one or more AppleScripts entered as script text scripts as a QK step in a sequence. In another thread, Daniel said:
Daniel" said:
I am somewhat tempted to take FastScripts in the direction of a full-blown macro application like QuicKeys, but I haven't decided whether I really want to bite into that, or whether to do it as a completely new product.
Three comments come to mind:

1) QK can't do too many things that aren't better done with an AppleScript and/or shell script. Several of its features aren't really useful at all (decisions simply hop over a step - all but "goto" programming; there's no real if statement).

2) Neither QK nor AS make GUI scripting really reliable (particularly system GUI interfaces like the Energy Saver).

3) You could get your feet wet by writing an OSAX to do some of what QK does that AppleScript doesn't (though I'm not sure what that would be).

Just my two cents.


  • Thanks for the comments, NovaScotian. I will keep these in mind and maybe one of these days I'll get a chance to take a closer look at what QuicKeys does...
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