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Feature Suggestion: Provide Triggers for Sleep, Wakeup and Others

edited June 2008 in FastScripts
I recently installed a tool called SleepWatcher on my Mac to trigger AppleScripts when the machine wakes from sleep, I blogged about it here:

I just realized that it would be great if FastScripts could do this. I would really prefer using it for this purpose instead of yet another tool because

- I already have it running constantly in the background anyway
- it uses very little memory and zero CPU when not in use, i.e. it behaves really well
- it seems to me that such a feature is very close to the purpose of FastScripts, which is launching scripts

I was thinking about special folders, one for each trigger/event type, in ~/Library/Scripts:


(Or maybe in a common subdirectory of Scripts, for example "Events", that would reduce clutter in the FastScripts global script list)

FastScripts could then run all scripts in a particular event folder when appropriate, i.e. when the machine wakes from sleep, FastScripts would run all scripts stored in the "Wakeup" folder.


  • I like this idea. I have also thought before about supporting other triggers such as when a particular app launches or becomes active. I will definitely consider this...

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