Learn Quartz With Scott

November 29th, 2006

Scott Stevenson has posted the second part of his Intro to Quartz tutorial at Cocoa Dev Central.

The visual production of his tutorials is always really impressive, because he identifies (by instinct, I assume) the best graphical illustrations for any given point. This second Quartz tutorial is especially notable for the scope of techniques it covers, from simple paths to complex cutouts, transparent overlays, and drawing directly to an image. These concepts are covered by Apple’s documentation, but never with so much lush imagery as on Scott’s site.

Most of us just blog on a whim, with little attention to overall production value, but Scott’s articles on Cocoa Dev Central are clearly well-planned works of art. He’s accumulated quite a collection of articles that cover many of the basics, and some of the more advanced techniques involved in programming a Mac. Check them out!

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  1. Scott Stevenson Says:

    Wow, thanks. That’s a pretty amazing review.

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