MarsEdit 4.0.6: Lightroom Fix

January 23rd, 2018

MarsEdit 4.0.6 is now available for download from the MarsEdit home page and for the Mac App Store.

It’s a bit embarrassing that after celebrating support in 4.0.5 for Lightroom 7 (Classic CC) libraries, it became clear that many Lighroom libraries could not be accessed at all by that version, because of an oversight in how sandbox privileges were being requested for MarsEdit. Long story short: “it worked on my machine.” 😀

MarsEdit 4.0.6 fixes (knock on wood) the Lighroom issue and incorporates a couple other small bug fixes:

  • Fix names of HEIF based photos in the Media Manager
  • Fix a bug that prevented some Lightroom libraries from appearing in Media Manager
  • Fix a bug that prevented some dragged images from being accepted in the Rich Text editor

Enjoy, and let me know of any problems if you find them!

2 Responses to “MarsEdit 4.0.6: Lightroom Fix”

  1. Jenxi Says:

    Looking forward to trying out the Lightroom feature!

  2. David Mantripp Says:

    Working perfectly now – this is really a great feature, huge timesaver! Thanks!

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