2007 MacTech 25

June 6th, 2007

The results are in for the 2007 MacTech 25, a community-selected list of the 25 “most influential” members of the Mac community. (Apple employees are not eligible, or else the list would probably look a lot different!)

I couldn’t be more thrilled, because not only does the list include everybody I suggested as good candidates, it also includes me!

I’m particularly happy to share the honor with so many people I have so much respect for. I would try to itemize them but there are just so many that I am still in awe of actually being listed among them. Many thanks to those who voted for me. It feels great to be recognized, and I’m glad if it means I’ve had a positive influence on you.

I would also like to point out that everybody who has programmed for MarsEdit is on the MacTech 25 list this year :) This project has the golden touch!

5 Responses to “2007 MacTech 25”

  1. leeg Says:

    This project has the golden touch!

    Who do I contact to get the gig editing MarsEdit.app/Contents/Info.plist? :-)

  2. Christopher Humphries Says:


  3. Charles Gaudette Says:

    Hey! Congratulations! And thanks for the pointer on the list — a good resource.

    I cannot help hoping MacTech will proof-read their article just one more time.

    Each person on the list should be an article at Wikipedia, too. I’ll check that out as time allows.

  4. Dan Moren Says:

    Goal for next year: everybody who uses MarsEdit will make the list. :)

  5. Mike Jalkut Says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it.

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